I am pleased to announce the second edition of my textbook on critical thinking published through Scholar’s Press. The second edition is co-authored with Dr. Gary L. Hunter of Illinois State University. The ISBN number of the second edition is ISBN-13: 978-6138920540 and ISBN-10: 6138920546.

Abstract: People today increasingly rely on their preexisting opinions and biases (e.g., confirmation bias) as the basis for their decisions. However, effective business-related judgment and decision making depends on the ability to think both critically and rationally. Therefore, business-related higher education and practice continue to identify the need for critical thinking skills. Unfortunately, there remains a dearth of educational tools to help business decision makers formally learn how to accomplish this goal. This textbook evolved based on the authors’ decades of experience teaching critical thinking to both graduate and undergraduate business students. The textbook identifies arguments for embracing critical thinking skills and presents a structured method to help ensure the development of stronger critical thinking skills in business decision-making practices. The textbook further provides examples to help students apply the processes they are learning to emerging business issues. This textbook will benefit educators and organizational decision makers interested in strengthening business-related judgments and decisions through critical thinking.

Written by staylor57