I am pleased to announce that I have recently completed mentoring a voluntary small team of students for two-semesters as part of Illinois State University’s Innovation Consulting Community (ICC — http://innovationconsulting.community/). The team I mentored involved three students: Nachiket Khanwalkar (Team leader and MBA student), Lauren Drury (MBA Student), and Kathryn Hagans (Freshman Marketing student), who did an excellent job preparing the foundation for a new ec0mmerce strategy for an optical goods manufacturer.

The team first summarized the practitioner and academic literatures related to this topic. The team next augmented their knowledge by conducing a social networking inquiry using the meltwater software to gain valuable consumer insights related to the product category. Finally, the team conducted a survey using Qualtrics to better understand customer needs. This information then formed the basis for a series of recommendation for the client.

The project was also presented and represented the College of Business at the 2018 Illinois State University Research Symposium (https://grad.illinoisstate.edu/symposium/).

Written by staylor57