I jave just returned from an opportunity to develop and present a five-week course on Digital Marketing to graduate students at the University of Paderborn in Germany during November/December 2017. This was a tremendous teaching experience for me that I greatly enjoyed and from which I learned a lot. The students were inquisitive and thoughtful as well as a lot of fun to teach. The course involved three major exercises including (1) using critical thinking methods to develop a defensible definition of the concept of digital marketing, (2) studying the emerging literature concerning the concept of digital marketing, and (3) applying what was learned to the question of whether or not Best Buy (see my case with Professor Gary Hunter at https://business.illinoisstate.edu/bestbuy) should consider entering the German consumer marketplace. The students did excellent work!

I am also pleased to note that I have agreed to repeat teaching this course at the University of Paderborn during June 2018.  Many thanks to the Marketing faculty and staff at Paderborn for their collegiality and helpfulness during my stay, including Professor Andreas Eggert (Director), Professor Lena Steinhoff, Professor Eva Boehm, Ms. Andrea Hampel, and the doctoral students Carina Witte and Sophie Henkelmann. I look forward to continuing to work with these fine individuals as a marketing instructor in the future.

Written by staylor57