I am pleased to announce that one of my research teams has just received an acceptance from Psychology & Marketing of any article about consumer attitudes. We expect to see the article in print this fall (2016).

Taylor, Steven A., Chiharu Ishida, and Leigh Anne Novak Donovan (2016),”Considering the Role of Affect and Anticipated Emotions in the Formation of Consumer Loyalty Intentions,” Psychology and Marketing (Forthcoming).

Description: Ajzen and Sheikh (2013) recently challenge calls for adding explicit measures of emotions or affect as independent constructs into the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA). This assertion has potentially significant theoretical and operational implications for marketers in terms of parsimony and insight. The specific questions of whether or not the addition of anticipated forms of emotions and/or hedonic attitudes to traditional attitude-based models meaningfully contributes to understanding loyalty intention formation in a retail marketing setting are empirically assessed in this research. Results suggest that, consistent with the arguments of Perugini and Bagozzi (2001), the independent addition of anticipated emotions to attitude models such as the TRA, Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), and Model of Goal-Directed Behavior (MGB) can be justified in terms of model fit with data, predictive validity (∆R2), and efficacy in explanation. Interestingly, however, and consistent with the theoretical arguments underlying the TRA, the models receiving the most overall support appear to be models wherein AttitudeOverall mediates the contributions of positive and negative anticipated emotions on endogenous variables such as Desires and IntentionsLoyalty. While it remains up to the individual marketer which perspective to embrace given the observed gains reported herein, the present research also supports the notion that the addition of hedonic attitude forms and/or anticipated emotions can offer an overall net gain for many marketers. The managerial and research implications of the results are discussed.

Written by staylor57